Where to go from here

Clover Point 

So I left you all with plans of a few new jobs lined up in the areas surrounding Victoria. It did not turn out how I had hoped – unfortunately. Both places were unprepared for my arrival and very unorganised. It was not good experiences for me. Luckily I have Gail here in Victoria, who has gladly opened her arms and house for me, when these endeavours has not worked out. But it has been a slap in my face, that it seems I cannot get my footing here in Canada. Luckily Victoria offers some great views and hikes and I have been taking advantage of that lately.

Tree house in the making?

I guess my struggles here is based on a few things: working for room and board is hard for me, since I have been working for cash for many years now. It does seem to affect my self-confidence to not have the freedom a money job provides you. Upon finding yourself laying down in a bed in a stranger’s house, because that is your pay, it makes me wonder – what the hell am I doing here?

Courage out at sea

Another thing that is proving harder than anticipated, is being here on my own. I have great friends here and have met fantastic people, but my journey here is mine alone, and it is hard. It is hard not having someone to share the experience with. Canada has so much to offer, but the thought of having to go it alone, is affecting my desire to explore.

Trying to enjoy this beautiful place in the sun – on my own!

And trust me I have been trying to explore as much as possible while being here in Victoria – food especially of course!

Poutine – served up at local pub Fifth St

Poutine is Canadian dish from Quebec consisting of fries covered with cheese curds and gravy. It is comfort food at it’s best! This version also contained crispy bacon and green onions – delish!

Part of China Town here in Victoria

Fan Tan Alley is one of the little alleyways connecting China Town filled with the most curious little shops. Very cosy, interesting and well worth a visit.

Fan Tan Alley

Yesterday was a day of complete indulgence with a visit to La Roux Pattiserie for a Paris Brest with hazelnut and cream filling, Cheap Tuesday visit to the movies for Beauty & The Beast, followed by a visit to Jones BBQ on Cook St.

BBQ heaven

I got the two meats platter – beef brisket and pork ribs served with two sides – I went for pit beans and slaw, pickles and a brioche bun. I had to have ice tea, which of course came in a Mason jar – it was perfect! This place must be on your to-try list if ever in Victoria. The meats were amazing! Tender, full of flavour and topped with their BBQ sauce I think I heard angles singing in the background 🙂 The pit beans with bits of meat in the sauce were a rich and powerful explosion of taste. Good thing I had to walk home, because I was stuffed after polishing this plate off – for only $21.95.

Meat you later!

Eating my way through Victoria has been great, but what is my next plan? Well, I looking for a job in Europe. I hope to find a job in a place that has the same kind of passion for life and what they do as I do. I miss making good produce as I did at Tunoe Smokehouse, but I am very open to learn new skills, so if you know of a place that could use one like me, let me know! I hope my luck in regards to work soon will turn for the better and I can find a place to settle for a bit. I can’t keep hanging out at Gail’s house 😀

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