Time flies when you’re living life


I know, I haven’t made updates on this blog in a long time…for many reasons. A lot of the reasons are personal, so I will leave it at that. However since my last post, I have concluded my life in Holstebro and returned to Copenhagen – center of my life for 13 years and home to many of my friends.

But so far 2019 has offered so many amazing adventure besides the move to the capital. I visited my Camino friend Eva in Dortmund in the beginning of the year. I cannot stress enough how fortunate I feel about all the people, I have met on my three stints on the Camino so far, and their incredible generosity of opening their homes to me around the world. The Camino provides indeed! Even long after you’ve left!

Eva and I at Zollverein

Eva and her husband Tom opened their home to me, showed me some of the Ruhr district and a great time with them and their family in Dortmund. Eva and I met each other on the Camino Frances back in 2018, where we spent 3-4 days together. Those few days made an impact on both of us, and some weeks ago I received a lovely card displaying their newborn son Artur – I feel blessed to be part of their lives, and look forward to seeing them in Copenhagen soon.

Maria Grazia and I

I also finally made it to Rome to visit Maria Grazia – a camino friend I met back in 2016. We walked into León together and have kept in touch over the years. Again I cannot express deeply enough how fortunate I feel to be welcomed into the home of another person, “simply” because our paths crossed, but if you ever choose to walk “the walk”, you may get to know the connections this trail makes. I spent a few days playing tourist in this great city, got to spend quality time with Maria Grazia and she took me on a day trip to Anzio – something I actually blogged about earlier.

Keld and I at Fyen Rundt 2019

Earlier this year a long time friend of mine – Keld, convinced me to join him as race marshal. Now what does that mean?? Well, it means the motor bikes who help guide and assist during bicycle races – hence the yellow vests on the photo. Keld convinced me to join him as “black boarder” for a few races. I had no idea what I was getting into that first time, but what an amazing experience it turned out to be! I was sore and walked as an old lady for days,  but it was worth it! Some times you need to broaden your horizon, and I just happen to meet some fantastic people during this adventure – hopefully I get invited to join again next year.



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