The Meseta – returning to the Camino

First off…since the main language among internationals on the Camino Frances is English, I have decided that most of my blogs from down here will be in English as well.

At the bus station in Madrid I met a fellow peregrino, Maria Grazia from Rome. We joined forces and took the bus together to Burgos exchanging stories along the way. I start in Burgos, because I previously did St. Jean Pied de Port to Burgos, but that is a story for another day, my friends.img_2538

I was curious how it would feel to return to the trail, how different it would feel and how my mood would be?img_2551

It felt absolutely fantastic returning to Burgos. Like visiting an old friend or returning home after a long journey away. Strange when my journey is just again beginning, but that is what it felt like…a home coming of sorts. After a big lunch, Maria Grazia and I donned our packs and hit the trail. Out of Burgos we hit what is known as the Meseta. For me another homecoming since it is the wide, flat countryside like we see in Denmark. Getting started was a little hard on my body, but we were wise and stopped already in Tradajos after just 12,2km.img_2555

Having the “traditional” post-walk refreshment at a local bar last night, felt amazing and my thoughts immediately went to my old Camino family and the fantastic people I met on my last journey. If any of you follow this blog, please know that you are all with me in my heart this time around. The Camino world is a special community even though everyone’s Camino is their own. It is sort of like being in a healthy kind of AA – no offence meant, but only people who have walked a Camino knows what it means.

Today was a longer walk – around 20km to Hontanas on the plains. My hips and shoulders let me know that I have not trained with a loaded pack, but my feet did great. At some point my pace was faster than Maria Gracia and I took off on my own. I felt like I was soaring. Like the birds of pray in the sky. It feels good to let go of all thoughts and worries from home. To simplify life and not plan anything. To let go. And let me tell you, it is not easy for a control freak like me to let go, but I may end up loving it.

So no big thoughts at the moment, just plain living and enjoying life, the views and the fact that body remembers how to walk with a heavy backpack.img_2559

I will leave you to go eat fresh made paella with other pilgrims and a view of Honatas. With love from the Camino Frances.img_2563

One thought on “The Meseta – returning to the Camino

  1. Love an hugs from bought off us and take care off you’re heart and mind 💞 Rember we think of you an wish you will find the peace you looking for too live happy and peaceful.
    Hugs from home

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