Going off-grid on Cortes Island


Gail was kind enough to drive me to Campbell River last Tuesday. It was a lovely drive up the coast of Vancouver Island. I guess it doesn’t take more than a few mountains to amaze me, but they sure looked pretty.

Ferry from Quadra Island to Cortes Island

I had booked fare with The Cortes Connection, which is a van service from Campbell River to Cortes Island via Quadra Island. Yes, it takes two ferry rides to get to Cortes! I felt at home being on the ferries and sent many warm thoughts to the crew on the Tunoe ferry. I sure do miss those guys and their amazing service.

Onboard the van I met the nicest people from Cortes. They were kind, informative and I enjoyed swapping island stories with them. Turns out that the van driver also drives the ambulance – good man to know in a pinch! Another passenger offered me a welcomming gift. The herbal kind that I’m sure was homegrown, since he told me he grows his own tobacco. What a nice man!

View from the ferry to Cortes

After having dropped of a parcel at one of the neighbouring houses – going offroad in the van to make that delivery. Let me tell you…postal services around the globe should take note. The van almost got stuck in the mud, but the delivery was made. I helped carry the heavy packet in myself. I sense a high level of dedication and service! The Cortes Connection already comes with my warmest recommendations.

View from Gentleman’s Bluff

I was met at the driveway by one from the farm and good thing, because the 3km could just as easily have been 20km with that terrain. If I had had to haul my big pack myself, I would have arrived sometime during the night. Luckily I was expertly driven right to the door and shown my new humle abode before being offered dinner.

The main farm house

I have a little house of my own – bedroom and kitchen/lounge area all heated with a woodfired stove. There is a little mudroom/entry way to leave footwear and I’m sure it will come in handy as summer approaches. The water is currently not on in the house, but it will be put on shortly. Toilet and shower is at the farmhouse that also houses the common area and the owner.

My little cabin – with a fire going

Right now, after I just unpacked and rearranged the furniture in the lounge area (it has to be ”hyggeligt”), I sit by the fire enjoying a snifter of the rum I brought from the airport in DK and listen to the rain outside. I can already tell this is a more simple and spartan place when thinking in materialistic terms, but I hope it will bring a richer and more giving life in areas that I value.

My new diggs

I have been out exploring the surroundings on the property, and I can tell that as spring and summer approches, it will only become more and more beautiful. Already I have seen sights similar to the ones I was enjoying on Instagram before coming:

From the lake next to the property
Breakfast coming up made by fellow wwoofer Dylan and I