Sushi DIY

I absolutely love sushi! Surprise – there are no sushi restaurants on Tunoe. But we do have a smokehouse that sell fresh fish (where I just happen to work), so what is a girl to do, but make her own sushi. 

 I invited a friend over for dinner and started preparing. Luckily that involved a trip to the beach to collect seaweed. The dog and I both enjoyed the nice cool sea in the heat, and a small portion was harvested. I boiled it for a few minutes: 

 A quick dressing of olive oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, sweet chili sauce, fresh pepper, lime juice and sesame seeds completed the garnish.

I bought fresh tuna, salmon and shimp at the smokehouse. The shrimps were dipped in cream, salt and pepper (because I didn’t have any eggs) and panko bread crumbs, before being fried in sunflower oil.

I have never taken a sushi course, but believe that DIY sushi can be just as tasty, however a little more rustic to the look. The first photo shows a new attempt of mine – a volcano roll. A roll filled with crab, cucumber and avocado and topped with chopped tuna and salmon in a sriracha and mayo dressing, roe and black sesame seeds. It came out ok I think.

Any ways – here is a show of the table. I hope it inspires you to give sushi a try yourself. It is not that difficult, a lot cheaper than at a restaurant and you can make as many of your favorites as you like. 

 I have been taking mental notes at our nearest sushi restaurant. I watched the chef put the salmon nigiri to the flame with a torch, and tonight I tried it at home on half of the salmon nigiri. That is why half is a lighter color. If you got a gas hand torch at home, I highly recommend it. It adds something to the flavor of the fish. 


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