Spring has sprung

I felt it was time for a change of outlook on the blog, and these amazing spring colours cannot be ignored. Though my favorite colour is blue, green is the colour not only of spring and new beginnings, but also of hope.

Ørsted ParkenIt seems fitting for my new life and new beginnings here in Copenhagen to make a few changes. I hope you approved and will enjoy the spring photos as much as I.

Bøgen springer udI have had some help making changes to the blog. My former colleague Jon Kristensen has helped me with some of the more technical aspects, and I hope you will enjoy the updates.

Even though my plan is to become more active on the blog, I hope to maintain the same open, honest and authentic communication I’ve kept so far. Send me a comment, if there is something you want to hear to about. I look forward to your input.

Now go and enjoy the spring sun 🙂

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