Spare ribs made in the wood stove

Ribs prepared with dry rub
Ribs prepared with dry rub

We love spare ribs in this house. Actually any meat which is slow-cooked, we love it. So why not make spare ribs in the wood stove, we thought? I made a dry rub from chili, cumin, brown sugar, smoked paprika, smoked salt, pepper and olive oil. The dry rub was massaged into the ribs, and I made a packet of tinfoil for the ribs. And for the next 5-7 hours they slow roasted in the wood stove oven, while a delicious smell of barbeque started rising from the oven.

I made Jamie Oliver’s Epic BBQ sauce –

After the 5-7 hours of roasting, I took the ribs out of the tinfoil packet, covered the ribs with BBQ sauce and let them get a nice crispy surface back in the oven for as long as it takes. I recommend you serve the ribs with plenty BBQ sauce, homemade fries, coleslaw or creamed corn. It is finger-licking delish!

I forgot to take a photo before I ate my first helping, so the plate isn't that tidy - sorry
I forgot to take a photo before I ate my first helping, so the plate isn’t that tidy – sorry

These spare ribs are definitely another reason why we love our wood stove so much. Not to mentioned the warmth it brings to the house and the cosy-factor with it. If in doubt, get a wood stove.

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