Sights set on Santiago

In just twelve days I head back to the Camino to finish what I started in 2015. I was battling with the pain of a relationship lost to infidelity, while trying to figure out where and what my next step should be.

Back then I ran in to amazing people, who gave me hope and helped me trust people again. Luckily I still keep in touch with some of these fantastic people, and who knows…maybe some day we’ll walk a camino together again. I am happy to say that I have been lucky enough to visit many of them. The Camino really does provide.

My first Camino family having dinner in Zubiri – the day we all met

I returned on 2016 and 2018 – both times meeting the best of people. I didn’t blog as much about my trip in 2018, since I left after just 100km in four days, but I did however gain a great friend in Eva. I have been fortunate enough to visit her and her family in Dortmund since, and hopefully not just her, but many of the other wonderful people I’ve met on my trips, will come by Copenhagen to visit me soon.

Today’s training trip

I have been amping up my walking game for quite a while, but on Friday I started bringing my pack. The Danish winter have been terribly depressing, filled with rain and wind, but Friday brought the sun out, and I made the most of it walking from home and out to the costline.


I guess my pack weighed around 5-6kg, but since it was my first walk out this way, I kinda lost track of how far I ventured out. My feet and back were feeling good, and I guess I got a little over confident as I often do the first day…ups!

And I didn’t even know it was there

I ended up doing 26km that day, and boy were the last 5km tough! It wasn’t pretty watching me make my way home. Seeing the Camino sign did brighten my day, and it seem very appropriate! After a couple of days recuperation and some yogaflow, I set out again today. The sun was surprisingly warm and I walked around the habour, even finding time to take a picture of my work place from the other side.

TUNN3L Enghave Brygge site with Orsted in the background

8km with the pack…filled with groceries along the way, and my legs, hips and shoulders are doing good. If I keep it up, my plan to do minimum 25km a day in Spain, will not be a problem. I know I may encounter a lot of rain in Galicia, but better that then the heat wave I’ve gotten caught up in the last few times!

Cruz de Ferro

In 2018 I passed Cruz de Ferro and left the last of my thoughts, anger and heart ache there. This time is all about reconnecting with me and finishing the quest I started back in 2015, when I was so lost all I could do was walk. I will try to keep my heart open, because I have room for a new camino family, and every step of the way I’ll keep my existing camino families with me in spirit.


Spring time is here, and shortly I will head to Ponferrada to re-enter my walk towards Santiago de Compostella. I look forward to you joining me along The Way.

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