Rome – getting to know the city


Today started out at Piazza del Popolo – I managed to get there on my own with good guidance from my gracious host – Maria Grazia. Next to the piazza is a park, which is where I took this picture.

I slowly made my way to Piazza Venezia – happening on a pistachio gelato on my way, since you can never have too much gelato on a sunny day in Rome. I also captured a picture of this lovely private garden, and the police officer directing traffic with his whistle – how very fitting of my image of Rome 🙂



Piazza Venezia

I had my eyes set on The Colosseum and Forum Romanum…like so many other tourists in this ancient city. I choose not to enter, but instead walk around it to see it from all sides. Truely an amazing site! To think these buildings are man-made makes one think about the costs.



I had a similar feeling when I saw the Pyramids many years ago – I cannot grasp how they managed these perfect buildings without cranes and machinery, but they did. A very humbling feeling.


Trevi Fountain is another must. And I actually ate my lunch there, while studying people and their need for selfies. From one end of the scale of feelings to another indeed. After that amount of people I needed a break and found some more quiet places in this lovely city.


My friend got off from work and took me across the Tevere to her favorite gelato place – La Romana. It was indeed an amazing experience with liquid white chocolate and whipped cream in the bottom of the cone, two scoops – hazelnut and cream and then topped with whipped cream at just €2,50. I highly recommend this gelateria – you will not regret it.


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