Quiet but busy

I guess last time you all heard from me was when I was on my way home from Canada, and though the blog have been quiet, I have been busy.

It was great coming home and seeing friends and family. Even though it was still cold here, spring was just around the corner, and I got to admit that Denmark is stunning in spring. Returning to the west coast of Jutland, I immediately went to the beach to find peace of mind as I always do there.

Henne Moelle Aa

So what has been keeping me so busy lately? As you may know, my dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma last year and have been receiving chemo treatment. In the fall and early winter he was responding well to the treatment and went into remission. It was great to see life return to his eyes and energy to his body. Before I left for Canada, my sister and I, with help from the family, moved him into his new home on the beach. That was quite an undertaking, since he left behind a house he had lived in for more than 40 years…many of those with my mom in what was of course my childhood home.


It is difficult went the sun sets on a big chapter of your life, but luckily he was looking forward to an easier life in his new home. So I left feeling that he was well taken care of and in good hands.


But during my stay he fell ill again, and upon returning home it was evident that the cancer was back and new treatment was needed. So for the past few weeks my dad has been in the hospital in Esbjerg, preparing for a new round of chemo. He had lost a lot of weight and of course the severity of the situation is not lost on his or my mood.

Henne Strand

Having lost my mom to cancer in 2009, I already know how brutal this disease can be. All the hospital visits, talks with doctors, research online and hard moments that become even harder to talk about, fill up all your time and thoughts. It drains your energy and creeps in everywhere no matter how positive you are as a person. And I try to keep positive.

Akvavit and tonic in the sun

Sometimes it is a struggle to keep smiling, but it is so very important not to give up or give in to those dark thoughts. A drink in the sun, having gotten my Summer clothes out of storage or deciding to get a new car to feel freedom and control is some times needed.

Me and Karl

I keep hoping that this new round of chemo will work, and my dad will get to enjoy his new house and life for as long as possible. My sister and I will help and support him as best we can, and a big thanks the hospital staff in Esbjerg for their assistance, support and kindness.


I will not let the clouds take over, while I search for a new job and a new life somewhere in Denmark. The good thing about having put all my stuff in storage is that I can take a job anywhere, but I have to honest and say that I hope it happens soon, because I miss having a home with my lovely things around me. Until that happens I make my home where I can. Currently I am staying with friends in Vejers, and when that is no longer possible, Karl will take me to the new place, the next adventure and the next pot of amber.

Amber find

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