A sweet ending to this year’s Camino

Protein breakfast

One of my favorite benefits on The Camino is that you can eat and drink as you like, because you burn so many calories every day you walk. Not that I ever would count calories, but I thouroughly enjoy good food, and after leaving Bercianos del Real Camino, we stopped for a second breakfast of 100% protein – bacon and eggs. It tasted amazing and fueled our bodies for that day’s walk. For exactly the food and drink reason I consider doing the Via Francigena that runs from Canterbury to Rome. Imagine walking through Piemonte….oh boy what a feast!


As we were getting closer and closer to León, I struggled with the decision about where to end this year’s walk. I had time to go beyond León, but would it make sense logistically? Walking and talking with my friend Gary made it clear – I would get off The Camino in León and limit this year’s walk to the Meseta, leaving the remaining roughly 310km to Santiago for next year. Everyone has their own way of doing the Camino. Many goes all the way in one stint, but I am really starting to appreciate my approach of cutting it in three, since I that way get to meet three times the people, that I maybe would have in one stint. For me, the amazing people I meet, are very much part of my personal journey, and I value the friendships I gain highly. img_6228

This picture was taken by the hospitalieri in Mansilla de las Mulas, where these fine pilgrims came together to make a fantastic meal of salad, lentil soup with rice, ice cream dessert and all served up with fresh made sangria. At this table sat most of the pilgrims that I was fortunate enough to meet this year. They all made a big impression on me, and I look forward to meeting them again in future as I have with some of the lovely people I met last time. Thank you all for making my Camino some of the best times ever!

And now for the fun story of the evening. The hospitalieri at the albergue was an assertive young woman, who not only was a great host, but also had taken courses in taking care of the foot injuries pilgrims suffer. That day had been very hot – 25-30 degrees, and since my thin socks were not dry from yesterday’s washing, I was wearing my thick wollen socks, which meant I had more or less boiled my feet during the walk, resulting in heat blisters. The hospitalieri offered to have a look, and then this happened:

Hospitalieri "taking care" of my suffering feet.
Hospitalieri “taking care” of my suffering feet.

We all loved her sense of humour! Once the laughter had died, she took me into her office and very professionally took care of my feet, making next day’s walk into León a breeze.

Many guidebooks and apps suggest that you bus into León because the way should be very industrial and along the highway. Actually I’m glad we decided to walk. It was almost a magic morning and I loved this last walk on my 2016 Camino.img_2666

I loved the image of the tunnel, we passed along the route, with the lovely view at the end.
I loved the image of the tunnel, we passed along the route, with the lovely view at the end
Walking the street of León
Walking the street of León

I entered León with my new Camino family – Maria Grazia and Gary, and along the route Pablo had joined our little band into town. It felt amazing walking these streets, knowing that 177km of Meseta was in my backpack. Of course we ran into fellow pilgrims right in center of city and sat down with them to enjoy a pilgrim lunch complete with wine and good company right by the cathedral.

The new camino family makes it to León
The new camino family makes it to León

We had decided to stay an extra night in León, so we settled in and prepared for a night out. I must admit it was my first time going out wearing fleece leggings, hiking shoes and no make-up. Not exactly a dazzling look, but who cared? We had our fun any way. Thank you, Patrick, for the insider tip on Four Lions Brewery. Great craft beer!

Ladies, Camino and craft beer
Ladies, Camino and craft beer
Living it up!
Living it up!
Argentinian Juan showing me the moves to "You can leave your hat on"
Argentinian Juan showing me the moves to “You can leave your hat on”

We had fun, beaches!

Next day I set out to get my bus ticket to Madrid, some civilian clothes and a sence of the city. Gary decided to walk on and we said our goodbyes at the cathedral. Later Maria Grazia and I went exploring and stumbled into The Parador – the five star hotel known from the movie The Way. It felt so perfect to sit on their patio with a cool drink. Thank you for the tip, Pablo!

The Parador in León
The Parador in León
Courtyard view at The Parador
Courtyard view at The Parador

That night we all went to an organ concert at the cathedral. It is a beautiful building and such a fantastic setting for the concert. León proved the perfect ending to my vacation.img_2715

Thank you León. See you next year
Thank you León. See you next year

Next morning Maria Grazia and I walked to the cathedral together. We met in Madrid and now our ways were parting – me back to Madrid to fly home and Maria Grazia was staying on the Camino. It was bittersweet, but I know I have made a friend for lifeimg_2723

Camino family forever
Camino family forever

We spotted a hot air ballon making it’s way over León in the sunrise. It seemed very fitting to part ways with that sight.

Hot air ballon cruising over the city in the sunrise
Hot air ballon cruising over the city in the sunrise

I had time before my bus, so I got a table at Valor, the chocolateria, and ordered churros. Again it seemed the perfect way to end my visit in this lovely city and to take stock of my camino. My credential is not completely full, but I need to get a new one for the final stretch to Santiago next year. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully meet up with old camino buddies, Helen and Paul from Australia. See you guys down there!

Spanish breakfast treat - churros at Valor
Spanish breakfast treat – churros at Valor
My credential is filling up nicely
My credential is filling up nicely

Thank you for following my way on the Camino. Now comes the hard part – re-entry and finding my way in life. I look forward to meeting life head on and with positivity in my heart.

The simple things in life


Do we notice the small, simple things in life as we rush along in our busy lives? I guess we often tend not to unfortunately. During my time on the Camino, I have tried to take notice of my surrounding, the people I meet and to remember to sometimes turn around and see what I just passed. It makes a world of difference, my friendsimg_2664

After having spent a night in Lédigos, being treated to dinner by a Swiss gentleman and overhearing a nightly argument between a French lady and a Korean man about usage of electronic devices after 23.00, I set out to catch up with my new Camino family, Maria Grazie and Gary – a friendly soul from Utah, that we met in Hontanas.


New Camino family
New Camino family

As mentioned I had been struggling with my feet. Probably due to the fact that my shoes and boots already had many kilometers in them and needed changing, so I for the first time sent my pack ahead at the mere cost of 5€, but at the joy of my feet, since they loved not carrying the burden. My mood immediately picked up, and I felt elated and happy to be able to once again have the energy to be in the moment. Such pretty sights that morning.img_2647

I caught up with my family just before Sahagún at the halfway point, and we entered the city together in search of lunch and new shoes for me.

Pilgrims in Sahagún
Pilgrims in Sahagún

We indeed found both! We happened to wander into a restaurant at Plaza Mayor with the most service-minded Spanish waiter. He performed Charades in order to describe the pilgrim menu of the day and just went out of his way for us. While we were eating the first course fellow pilgrims – Bernice, Martina and Paul joined our little feast and we had the most delightful lunch together.

Pilgrim lunch celebrating passing the halfway point
Pilgrim lunch celebrating passing the halfway point

With very full bellies and new shoes on my feet (I threw away my old boots and shoes…oh my), we went back to the trail in search of Bercianos del Real Camino. Did I tell you that after a few days of rain and cold, the weather had done a complete turnaround and we were now walking in 25-30 degrees? Not at all what I had expected in October, but it was a nice surprice.img_2649

In Bercianos del Real Camino we stayed at the parroquial albergue. It was very modest, no wi-fi, but full of caring hospitalieros, who cooked us dinner and afterwards asked us to perform a song or poem from our home country. Many countries were represented, but I was the only Dane, so they suffered through hearing me sing my home town song – Henne sangen, and afterwards I made a complete mess of our national anthem. Funny how it is easy to sing at the top of your lungs at a sports game, but it become impossible to carry a tune once you have to sing it alone in front of 30 people. I’m glad, I never have to do a solo performance at a stadium and so should your ears be!

Mind over matter

img_2598The last couple of days have been hard on my body. Since I went as a spur of the moment thing, I did not train like last time, and my body has been punishing me ever since. Like DOMS the second day after training is always the hardest, so Friday was complete torture. An excercise in self-diciplin to keep walking…especially the last 9km. But with a determined mind and singing Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind” I finished in Boadilla del Camino in Albergue en El Camino, which I can highly recommend.

View of Alto de Mostelares. The highest peak on the Meseta - 905m
View of Alto de Mostelares. The highest peak on the Meseta – 905m
From the top of Alto de Mostelares. What a view!!
From the top of Alto de Mostelares. What a view!!

It is interesting how we can put mind over matter and put ourselves through pain and smile about it afterward at the post-walk drink.img_2601

Maria Grazia and I walked together yesterday. She was patient with me and my sore feet, and she even cooked us pasta last night. Let me make it clear – The Camino provides.

img_2599During our walk we talked extensively about work culture, expectations and as I call it the hamster wheel. So many people get caught up in the hamster wheel, because breaking away seems difficult and scary. Too many people I know or have met randomly tell me that they hold jobs they basically do not enjoy, but their problem is that they don’t know what they want to do instead, so they just stay. I fully understand them, but isn’t it concerning that many people are unhappy with their job, and think they should be doing something else?img_2606

I listenend to myself and choose to leave DARE2, because I no longer feel happy servicing others…I’m not sure I have more to give after spending the better part of my career working in customer service, admin or as PA. I know I’m good at it, but it does not make me happy, so what is the point? I like so many others do not have a clear picture of what I want to do instead, but I’m also questioning if the big city is the right place for me? I love having nature right outside my doorstep, I prefer to eat organic, sustainable food and I continually attempt to minimize my possesions. Somewhere along that route of thought lies the solution for my future. I do not yet know where it will take me and what I will do, but I do know that I will not get back on the hamster wheel.

img_2592Lots of love from Lédigos where I enjoy the fireplace and my post-walk beer

The Meseta – returning to the Camino

First off…since the main language among internationals on the Camino Frances is English, I have decided that most of my blogs from down here will be in English as well.

At the bus station in Madrid I met a fellow peregrino, Maria Grazia from Rome. We joined forces and took the bus together to Burgos exchanging stories along the way. I start in Burgos, because I previously did St. Jean Pied de Port to Burgos, but that is a story for another day, my friends.img_2538

I was curious how it would feel to return to the trail, how different it would feel and how my mood would be?img_2551

It felt absolutely fantastic returning to Burgos. Like visiting an old friend or returning home after a long journey away. Strange when my journey is just again beginning, but that is what it felt like…a home coming of sorts. After a big lunch, Maria Grazia and I donned our packs and hit the trail. Out of Burgos we hit what is known as the Meseta. For me another homecoming since it is the wide, flat countryside like we see in Denmark. Getting started was a little hard on my body, but we were wise and stopped already in Tradajos after just 12,2km.img_2555

Having the “tradional” post-walk refreshment at a local bar last night, felt amazing and my thoughts immediately went to my old Camino family and the fantastic people I met on my last journey. If any of you follow this blog, please know that you are all with me in my heart this time around. The Camino world is a special community even though everyone’s Camino is their own. It is sort of like being in a healthy kind of AA – no offence meant, but only people who have walked a Camino knows what it means. Læs mere The Meseta – returning to the Camino

New horizons

As some of you may know, I lost my relationship, my home and job i August 2015 due to infidelity. I’ve heard it said that if you loose two of those three main parameters in your life, it put you under severe pressure. Should you loose all three parameters simultaniously it can reck havoc on your mental state.

Last year when all this happened, and I was thrown into a sea of uncertainty, the only remedy that had an effect was walking. I hiked the west coast of Jutland hoping to find peace, understanding and my identity. Cause who was I without relationship, home and job? It was a terrible time in my life, but at least it made me fit.image

As I walked I slowly improved, and learned to be vocal about my feelings and began to deal with it all. It was not a nice time for me, but I learned a lot through it all. Where would my future take me? Would I ever be able to trust another man again? What would I do with my life, now that I wouldn’t be smoking fish? It seemed to me there where more questions than answers, but with the support of my friends I began to make progress.

In April 2016 I returned to Copenhagen. It felt good to be back and to discover that the friends I had left behind four years ago, were still there to welcome me back. It meant the world to me and I spent the summer rediscovering the city and looking for work. I got a job as PA at DARE2 – an exciting position in an unknown world. The startup world is a constant source of energy, people work to the bone to push their idea, and the positve and colorful atmosphere really made an impact. It has even reinforced my belief in my own little production of beauty products.

Let me return to my starting point….when your whole life is taken from you, it scars you as it did me. It is not something you just bounce back from easily. It take time to reconnect with yourself and search out a new path. Eventhough I have enjoyed my time with DARE2, the job and not at least the amazing colleagues, something has not felt right inside. Stress is showing it ugly face, and I have finally leaned to react when I sense it. Yesterday was the last day at the office for me. I leave DARE2 as friends and without any burned bridges. I am very touched by their understanding and compassion.

My dad’s recent illness has also made a huge impact on me. He was diagnosed with Myelomatosis in August and has been going through treatments since, and luckly he seems to be responding well to the chemo. However the fact that my mom passed away exactly seven years ago due to cancer, does get your thoughts going when your only remaining parent is hit with the big C. I will be the first to admit that I have struggled dealing with the situation and seeing him sick and frail.

img_2527So now what? Well, I’m currently writing this onboard an airplane to Madrid. I have donned my hiking boots, packed my backpack and plan to walk the Camino Frances starting in Burgos. I need to go away for awhile and walk, simply because I know it works for me. I expect to be gone around two weeks, and I will attempt to keep you in the loop – not only about my pilgrimage but also to attempt to share the many thoughts I know will arise.

Nye horisonter

Nogle af jer er bekendt med, at jeg i august 2015 mistede forhold, bolig og job pga utroskab. Jeg har fra flere hørt, at hvis man mister to ud af de nævnte tre, risikerer man at blive meget presset. Hvis man mister alle tre ting på en gang, kan det have store konsekvenser for ens mentale tilstand.

Lige da jeg blev kastet ud i uvisheden for lidt over et år siden, var det eneste, Læs mere Nye horisonter

Hvor hjertet henter energi


Som I måske ved, stammer jeg fra Vestjylland. Det fornægter sig hverken i sindet eller i accenten. Jeg vil være vestjyde resten af livet, og er frygtelig stolt af mit ophav.

Netop den jyske vestkyst er der mit hjerte altid føler en helt særlig ro, og energien flyder bare bedre, når man går langs vandet, på heden eller i de skønne nåleskove.


Derfor har jeg valgt at opdatere bloggen med billeder fra mit hjertes tankstation. Jeg håber, I selv kommer over og nyder denne fantastiske del af Danmark og ellers kan I nyde billederne her på siden.

Rigtig god weekend til jer alle – jysk vestkyst eller hvor I nu er.

Kærlig hilsen



Sidste weekend var der lagt op til fest. Min barndomsveninde fyldte 40 år, og havde inviteret til stor fest. Jeg vil lige som de fleste andre, gerne tage mig godt ud, så jeg gik i gang med overvejelser om kjoler, sko og smykker.image

Jeg er ikke typen, der går meget med smykker. Det har jeg egentlig aldrig været, men jeg synes det ser godt ud, når smykkerne matcher ens outfit, så denne gang valgte jeg at prøve at leje smykker til fest hos Joli


Hos Joli kan man leje smykker for enten 4 eller 12 dage, og der er halskæder, øreringe, ringe og armbånd fra flere forskellige nye, up-coming designere. Der er masser af forskellige styles i både guld, sølv og andre materialer.image

Jeg fandt øreringe og et armbånd fra samme designer – Cornelia Webb, der passede perfekt til aftenen kjole. Det var fedt at style en gammel kjole op med lidt lækkert bling! Netop ved ikke at købe en ny kjole, havde jeg råd til at leje smykkerne. Det fungerede super godt for mig, og jeg er klar til at leje igen til denne weekend, hvor en ny 40års fest løber af stablen.image

Det er super let med smykkeleje hos Joli:

Man opretter sig med et brugernavn, og så er det egentlig meget enkelt…du vælger de smykker, du vil leje, og Joli sender dig smykkerne. Efter endt brug returnere du smykkerne, forlænger lejemålet eller hvis du har forelsket dig i smykkerne, kan du også købe dem.

Nej, jeg har ikke fået smykkelejen gratis, og modtager ikke penge for ovenstående tekst. Jeg er blot en happy kunde, der har haft en god oplevelse, jeg gerne vil dele med jer, så I måske får lyst at kaste jer ud i at leje smykkerne, næste gang I får lyst til at føle jer lækre med flotte smykker og fancy bling.image




imageDet er lidt over et år siden, jeg blev gjort opmærksom på min daværende kærestes utroskab, og valgte at fraflytte mit liv på Tunø. Der er løbet meget vand i åen siden, men jeg har ikke på et eneste tidspunkt fortrudt min beslutning. Løgn og utroskab er uforlignelige med mit liv. Jeg er ikke længere vred eller ked af det over den behandling, jeg fik. Mit liv er simplethen for kort til at bruge energi på den slags mennesker. Jeg tror fuldt og fast på, at det handler om karma – man får som fortjent. Jeg vil hellere bruge mit liv og min energi på det gode i mit liv.

August 2015 var en grum tid. Jeg mistede lysten til alt. Det eneste jeg kunne dengang var at gå. Så det gjorde jeg. Jeg gik og gik til hjertet og sjælen ikke føltes rå og forvirret. Der er noget særligt over at gå i naturen. Med højt til loftet, er der mere plads til tanker, kroppen normalt ikke kan bære. I september 2015 gik jeg en pilgrimvandring, der bød på skønne naturoplevelser, fantastiske venskaber og ikke mindst lærte jeg meget om min indre styrke. At det er ok at være trist, ked af det og ikke have overskud til andre, som jeg normalt har. Jeg lærte at slippe kontrollen, og oplevede at verden ikke faldt sammen, fordi jeg slap tøjlerne et øjeblik. Det var enormt befriende, og jeg skylder en enorm tak til mine venner, der bakkede op hele vejen.image

Jeg går stadig – gerne og så ofte som muligt. Den jyske vestkyst blev travet tynd i løbet af efteråret og vinteren, og vesterhavet og blæsten vil altid være en del af mit DNA. Langsomt kom jeg ovenpå, og fik mod på livet igen. Så meget at jeg i januar 2016 tog på ferie til USA, hvor jeg genså en gammel skolekammerat og nogle af vennerne fra pilgrimsrejsen. Det var benhårdt at acceptere, at jeg var alene, men min jyske stædighed fejler jo ikke spor, så det skulle ihvertfald ikke stoppe mig. Der var nogle aftener på turen, hvor jeg tvang mig selv til at gå ud og spise, istedet for at hente mad hjem på hotelværelset. Det gav oplevelser og mod på mere. image

I slutningen af februar i år fik jeg job i Horsens. En ny kurs var lagt, men desværre viste det sig, at butiks-og cafejob ikke rigtigt er mig. Jeg har kun gode ting at sige om Landmad i Horsens og takker min tidligere chef for forståelsen, da jeg traf beslutningen om at søge tilbage til København. Sikke en velkomst jeg fik! Jeg har de mest fantastiske venner, der bød mig velkommen tilbage på den mest hjertevarme og rørende måde. De var der endnu. De havde tid og overskud til mig. Hvad kan man ønske sig mere? image

For enden af tunnelen er der lys, og i juni fik jeg en praktikplads hos DARE2, der har ført til ansættelse med løntilskud per 1/8. Jeg nyder at være i gang igen, at bruge evnerne og hver dag møde motiverede mennesker, der arbejder for det, de brænder for. Jeg glæder mig til fremtiden, mærker ro i maven og glæder mig til at disrupte mig selv sammen med DARE2.image

Den seneste tid har dog også været præget af andre mere triste nyheder. For selvom jeg har fundet rav og mod på livet igen, har familien været under pres, da min far desværre er blevet meget syg. For godt tre uger siden blev han diagnosticeret med knoglemarvskræft, hvilket var noget af en mavepuster, ikke mindst for ham selv. Min far har altid været meget aktiv, klaret sig selv efter min mors død for 7 år siden og lagt sit liv om med et sundere udsyn. Derfor gør det ondt at se ham kæmpe med kræften, men vi holder hovedet og modet oppe, og håber på det bedste.image

Jeg fortsætter ufortrødent – over broer, langs strande og mellem lande, for livet skal leves fuldt ud hver dag. Mit liv skal ihvertfald. Jeg vil forsøge at være mere tilstede her på bloggen, end jeg har været, men hvis det kniber, ved I nu hvorfor. Nyd sensommeren – vi ses derude!

Burger Challenge 2016


Jeg accepterede i Torvehallerne en Burger Challenge tilbage i juni måned. Kokkeeleven Emil Hesk Møller fra Restaurant Toro på Istedgade mente, at han kunne klare udfordringen og lave en bedre burger end mig. Frisk, ung herre med selvtilliden i orden, kan jeg konstatere, men jeg tog det nu roligt, da jeg kort tid forinden havde modtaget denne tegning, som tak for en burger:

Denne tegning fra cykelbuddet Pepe står iøvrigt indrammet i mit køkken stadigvæk, som et håndgribeligt kompliment.

Tilbage til Burger Challenge – igår mødtes vi så, Emil og jeg til denne konkurrence. Vi havde begge sørget for dommere, der tog opgaven meget seriøst med udgangspunkt i de udleverede stemmesedler. En stor tak til Nikoline, Alexander og Lykke for jeres indleven, høje humør og gode røverhistorier i løbet af aftenen.

Det meget alvorlige dommerpanel
Det meget alvorlige dommerpanel

Emil og jeg gik i køkkenet, og der blev battlet i en sådan grad, at en kommentator havde fået en travl dag. Istedet forsøgte vi begge at psyke den anden efter bedste evne. På trods af uvante omgivelser for os begge, fik opgaven fuld fokus, og efter kort tid var resultaterne klar. Lad mig starte med konkurrentens bidrag. Emil serverede denne flotte burger:

Emils bedste bud på en cheeseburger
Emils bedste bud på en cheeseburger

Han havde selv bagt burgerbollen – en lækker briochebolle med en flot krumme, der blev ristet i brødrister, smurt med Bornholmsk sennep, efterfulgt af avokado, en 200g bøf af hakket øko okse, revet comté, frisk tomat, hjemmelavet agurkesalat, friterede skarlotteløg ringe og toppet med Heinz. Det var tydeligt, at Emil arbejder i kokkefaget, for han havde virkelig fokus på præsentation…selv tallerknen var nøje udvalgt.

Jeg serverede dette bidrag:

Min US-style cheeseburger
Min US-style cheeseburger

Jeg havde snydt med hensyn til burgerbollen og købt dem i Torvehallerne. Igen en briochebolle, dog med sesamfrø på toppen. Jeg havde stegt de flækkede burgerboller på panden i smør og olie og smurt med øko Heinz. Bøffen var kun 100g, men lavet af hakket øko okse blandet med revet løg, æg og min hjemmelavede BBQ sauce efter opskrift af Jamie Oliver. Det synes jeg giver en god smag til kødet, der var dækket af Manchego ost, bløde, stegte løg, min hjemmelavede agurkerelish, sød sennep og øko Heinz. Mine burgere kan man roligt kalde rustikke og håndgjorte. Jeg går ikke specielt meget op i præsentation.

Så er vi klar til at smage de to burgere. Emil og jeg sidder spændte klar på dommen.
Så er vi klar til at smage de to burgere. Emil og jeg sidder spændte klar på dommen.

Som nævnt blev opgaven virkelig taget alvorligt – både af deltagerne, men så sandeligt også af dommerne. Faktisk nåede vi frem til at bedømmelseskriterierne bør udvides til næste challenge. Der blev givet point efter 10-skalaen, men fremadrettet skal de enkelte delelementer bedømmes separat såsom burgerbolle, bøf, og garnish.

Det var to lækre burgere, der blev serveret, men tydeligt forskellige, som man ser ved sammenligning:

De to bud ved siden af hinanden
De to bud ved siden af hinanden

Det var tæt. Høj kvalitet hele vejen rundt, men….jeg løb med sejren!!! Den hjemmebagte burgerbolle, Emil leverede imponerede, men der var simpelthen for meget kød i den 200g bøf. Den overdøvede de andre lækre elementer, han havde i burgeren. Man smagte ikke den cremede avokado eller de friterede løgringe over den meget flot stegte bøf. Dommerne noterede sig også hans ensartethed i de fire burger, vi hver skulle levere, samt den flotte præsentation.

Men det var smagen, der vandt, og min burger er måske ikke så køn, men den er smækfuld af smag. Bøffen fandt dommerne lidt for gennemstegt. Det skyldes nok både den mindre størrelse, samt resultatet af et ukendt køkken. BBQ saucen, agurkerelish og rigeligt sennep og ketchup sørgede dog for, at burgeren ikke blev tør. Dommerne havde dog foretrukket en anelse mindre sennep, men det er jo smag og behag.

Hvad har jeg så vundet med min dejlige US-style burger? Jeg har vundet hævd og håneret det næste år, og det kan gå hen og blive hård kost for Emil Hesk Møller, der modsat mig, der er amatør, jo arbejder i kokkefaget, hvor den slags virkelig betyder noget….hehe…nej, jeg skal nok opføre mig pænt…det meste af tiden. Jeg vandt…haha!

Min US-style cheeseburger
Min US-style cheeseburger