New adventures

A few of you have been asking about my plans for the future, and I am finally ready to share it with you. Since I got back from Spain and the Camino Frances, I have been very sure that my time in the big city is coming to an end. I miss the country side, the quiet and closeness to nature. I have been pouring over travel and nature pictures on Instagram and dreaming myself away almost every day.

Life waits for no one, so on the 21st of February I will be boarding a plane for Canada.

I have borrowed some pictures online, since this is my first visit to Canada.

I will start by visiting my Camino friends Gail and Stuart in Victoria to catch up, get to know their beautiful city and if the weather allows it, maybe do a hike with them. They will be my base during my travels in this beautiful country, where I hope to see some of the places I been pining for for so long.IMG_3170

I bought new walking shoes and they are aching to take me new places and show me new views. I have never done camping or outdoor living. My mother hated it, so we always stayed at hotels or beach houses. Maybe because I have never tried it, it has an allure to me, and I hope to get the chance to get a taste of the great outdoors during my Canadian adventure.

Oh Canada

Another theme I have been pouring over online, is Tiny House living. Canada and USA are currently really expanding on this lifestyle, and I will be looking for ideas and trying to get a feel for this way of living while I am there.

Organic food…Well, you know I love it, and luckily some parts of Canada is really embracing sustainable, organic produce. I will attempt to taste my way through it all and pick up as much knowledge as possible.

Another borrowed photo of this amazing country

So, my friends, for the coming future you can find me in Canada. I will try to share the experience as I explore, enjoy and breathe in as much a possible while I’m there, but with such a vast country, there will be areas without mobile connection and internet. I actually look forward to just being in the moment and living life to the max.

See you on the flip side…


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