My way

Spring has sprung in Victoria

I’m currently sitting in Vancouver Airport awaiting my flight back to Denmark. It has been a jam-packed 8 weeks here in Canada, allowing me to test some ideas and get some adventures along the way.

I set out to try my hand at organic, sustainable farming, and my three weeks at Blue Jay Lake Farm on Cortes Island provided me with insights, lessons and a new friend. Looking back I conclude that farming as a way of life will be to difficult and hard on my own, but I do look forward to one day living somewhere that will allow me to get a vegetable garden to grow my own produce. So my romantic idea of farming turned out to be just that – a romantic idea. I see this experience as a life lesson, so it was well worth the trip in my book. The amazing views, the great hikes and a new friend – Swedish Kristina have been bonuses I just didn’t expect, but dearly cherish.

Blue Jay Lake

After Cortes I returned to Victoria and my friends there. I know I have mentioned it earlier, but I can’t thank Gail and Stuart enough for welcoming me and for introducing me to their friends and family. I am very much a social creature and the times spent shooting the breeze with Kevin, Mike and Erin have been precious to me. The Canadian people are very open and welcoming, once you have the stamp of approval by referral from a friend.

Taco with pork belly from Taco Justice on Cook St

I attempted to find another workaway (working for room & board) closer to Victoria, but my luck failed me miserably, and I met what I hope to be some of the most disorganised and messy people in BC. I say hope, because I sure don’t want to think this is the Canadian standard. Not being one to cry over spilled milk, I instead spent my time sampling my way through the gastronomic offer of Victoria. The city did not fail me!

Jones BB-Que Pork Butt Sandwich with fries and ice tea

Last night I treated Gail to dinner at Jones BB-Que on Cook St – just down the street from where she lives, but she had never been before. So it was about time!! I have actually just polished of a small portion of burnt ends I took with me for my trip. If you like BBQ and are in Victoria, this is the place to go.


Life on Cortes included a lot of walking. To get to wifi a minimum 12km hike was required. And let me add that Canada is not flat like Denmark!! The three weeks there whipped me into shaped, so back in Victoria I kept it up with several walks every week. I love walking! It clears the mind, brings you amazing sights and provides you with excellent exercise. I walked to Fisherman’s Wharf, along the David Foster Habour walkway, Beacon Hill Park, Thetis Lake Park, Clover Point Park and every where I went downtown. My new-bought boots have already proven themself.

With views like this a hike is well worth it

The walks allowed me to see the city and to try to get to grips with what to do next. Having struck out with workaway and not being able to work for pay, my options in Canada were quickly declining.

Still smiling

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but that just means you have to either adjust the plan or come up with a new plan. Staying positive in that process can be hard, but it really helps. I do not view my decision to return to Denmark as a failure, but as an opportunity to re-group, adjust the plan and try again.

What is important to me, is to keep being honest towards myself and my passion for life. My integrity towards how I conduct my life and the paths I choose, is just as important as the decisions themselves. I still refuse to get back on the hamster wheel, no matter how long it will take me to find my way. I will keep you posted along my way – not only when I succeed, but also when I stumble and get lost, for it is the way there and not the finish line that truly matters. Keep keeping it real, my friends!

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