Life is just there for the taking…


My current life motto is “Remember the easy pleasures”. What do I actually mean when I write or say those words? Well, to me happiness is not materialistic and cannot be quantified or measured in big adventures, travels or experiences. To me happiness lies in the moment, the friendships that surround me, nature showing us it’s glory or some other little everyday detail that makes me smile. Happiness comes in many shapes, but instead of waiting for that big thing, adventure or life-changing experience just around the corner, I choose to live now, present and by enjoying the simple pleasures of everyday life.

I’m not claiming to hold the key to happiness or the magic words in any way. I’m just explaining how I have decided to live – and grab life by the throat, while I can. Life can be brutal, short and unfair. That I know first hand. But I also see and feel how it is beautiful, giving and a joyride, just waiting for us all to get on board. I’m holding up my ticket stump to prove that I’m going all in and have been for quite a while 🙂 And why not? Just look at this amazing life:

Dinner at Cafe Stranden – Danish Bistro of the year in 2017

While I visited the west coast of Jutland last weekend, I finally got to visit Tirpitz Museum. It is absolutely beautiful! I’m a sucker for great architecture and Bjarke Ingels Group really outdid themselves. The museum is engulfed in the dunes and the concrete and steel mixture seems a perfect choice as a WWII bunker museum.


The Amber exhibit is exciting, descriptive and I can’t wait to retur to go through it again. Since I was a little girl, my mum and I would spend countless hours on the beach in search of itty, bitty pieces of amber, and still to this day I feel a certain amount of exaltation, when the beach offers up a piece of this 20 million year old treasure. No wonder they talk of Amber Fever!!

Sydney Opera House model made in amber – 250kg

The walk into the actual bunker provides insight into how big constructions these bunkers actually were, how Danes were forced to work for the Germans during the war and how is was believed by the Germans that a possible allied invasion could happen on the west coast of Jutland. It is important that we remember, and it made me think of my grandparents, who were forced out of their home, because the local officers wanted to live there. A thought I often have revisited while growing up and sharing happy, family times in within those walls.

Life boat from Vejers Strand

The life boat from Vejers was another amazing sight. To think this boat helped save lives of fishermen for many years, with rescuers putting their lives on the line to save others. The father of one of my good friends, Kristian has a personal connection to this boat. He took care of this boat for years and actually rowed it many times with his dad, which is why in my friend’s family the boat is lovingly called “Dad’s boat”. My hat is off to you, Kristian!


The weekend reunited me with my winter clothes from storage and this is me being happy about the easy pleasure it was to put on my oilskin jacket again. Last time I wore it was mainly during my trip to Canada earlier this year. Maybe that is way I just couldn’t stop smiling #Remembertheeasypleasures

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