Key to a new life


I finally got some good news to share with you all!! This is the key to my new home – and I just got it a few hours ago. It unlocks a very nice, new renovated apartment in Holstebro, and I can’t wait to share the pictures with you – hopefully next week once all my furniture and things arrive.

This means I finally get to see all my worldly belongings…some of which I haven’t seen in more than six years. Can you believe that? Six years! Crazy, but that’s how my life turned out.


It may be windy and rainy right now, but I can only see blue skies ahead and infinite potential with this new home base. And hopefully there will be more good news soon on the job front – fingers crossed 🙂


This autumn kicks of a new chapter in my life and I look forward to sharing it with you all. Just the thought of once again having a permanent home to welcome friends and familie, already provides more energy than I thought possible.

Enjoy the weekend – I will be packing my few belongings and moving out of the nursing home. That kinda sends a strong signal – out of the old folks home and back into life full throttle!!


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