How a year just flies by..

I can’t believe it been around a year since my last post. Well, if I’m honest…I am acutely aware that it’s been a year. It was just a really crazy year full of things I didn’t feel comfortable sharing, so I just decided not to.

Frozen South HabourSunset in South Habour
Winter versus oncoming spring

I still live in lovely Copenhagen South Habour in my cosy apartment, and I still cherish my view everyday. Things are more or less the same, only now we are all in some kind of lockdown mode that effects our everyday lives. Last year around this time we all heard about Covid-19 for the first time and shortly after every thing changed. Some got affected directly by loosing loved ones, but all of us got affected by the new distance demands. We have to make sacrifices for the greater good – I know. However I personally am very concerned of what will happen next time a new virus appears…is this the new normal? Is life in individual bubbles how we are to live from now on? I really hope not!!

I was convinced I was going to finish my Camino Frances in 2020. I had it all planned and prepared for it – twice! In March and again in October, but as you may have guessed, both trips were cancelled due to Covid-19. So instead I went for hikes in Denmark. Not a bad substitution, but it is not the same. At least I learn more and more outdoor skills in the mean time, which helps me prepare for the day, when I can finally return to Spain to finish and get my credential. On the upside – maybe I get lucky and meet up with some familiar faces, because I have a hunch I am not the only peregrino longing to get back to The Way.

So when I couldn’t walk, hug my friends or go out, I cooked…yes, and maybe I added a few extra kilos, but I can live with that. I made a lot of my steady go-to dishes and attempted to perfect them to my particular likes. I tried making a fire (and brought the food from home to heat up), and started making Kombucha, because my boss gifted me a SCOBY. It is for sure an acquired taste, but I have grown to love it. Especially with candied ginger as taste influencer.

My resolutions for 2021 are many, but some of them are to continue to enjoy life – in every way possible. You know my hashtag is #remembertheeasypleasures and I will try to live by that every day. Like right now on a Friday night when I sit writing this post, while enjoying a G&T after having soaked in a beautiful sunset and thinking back on last Saturday, when some of my good friends were here celebrating my 44th. Covid-19 or not – there is a life to be lived..

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