Today I made the decision to cancel my trip to Spain. With Covid-19 running wild across the globe, I cannot risk going unfortunately. It is breaking my heart, because never before have I been so well prepared physically. I have spent the past couple of months preparing both my pack and me. I even got new shoes this weekend, and they are amazing!!

I haven’t had vacation since August, and with all the new experiences my return to Copenhagen has brought me, I really needed the healing and giving powers of the Camino. Those of you, who are pilgrims yourself, knows what I’m talking about.

I was looking forward to the perspective and positivity the Camino provides through beautiful views, experiences and the fantastic people, who crosses your path.

So with tears in my heart I once again postpone my trip to the Camino Frances. In October I had to cancelled my plans due to acute stomach ulcers. This time Covid-19 blocks my continued journey.

Hopefully the world will be okay, and I can return to My Way later this year, and when I do, I will bring you all with me. The Camino provides…one way or another <3

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