Happy New Year 2017


2017 is coming to an end and it’s time for me to recap the year. I’ve settled into my sofa, poured myself a glass of my favorite rum and Snorre Kirk Quintet is providing the musical back drop of the evening – very befitting I find.

It been a whirlwind of a year. Last year at this time I still lived in Copenhagen – in Nansensgade. But in January I packed up shop and put most of my worldly belongings in storage in preparation for a new adventure. Before setting out my sister and I (with amazing help from some family members) got our dad moved into his new home at the beach. Having gone through a rough autumn with our dad being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, it has been a constant in 2017, which we all have had to adjust to and live with.


With our dad safely installed near my childhood beach, I set my eyes on new shores and headed to British Columbia, Canada. It surely was an adventure – not only seeing my Camino friends Gail and Stuart again, celebrating my 40th birthday in their midst, but also testing to see what my future should contain.


Canada is a complex and absolutely beautiful country that I hope to visit again soon. If for nothing else then to see these amazing people again (and all their friends and family)


I returned to Denmark and my search for work and a new home began. With Jutland as my only requirement for venue, I moved into a closed down nursing home as a temporary solution.

The summer brought a visit to Copenhagen to see old friend and to enjoy Copenhagen Jazz Festival, where I listened to amazing music and had my first Snorre Kirk Quintet experience. This is why tonight’s playlist is appropriate btw.


Come August I got the opportunity to get a short-term job with a temp agency in Holstebro. Having never worked with recruitment and HR before, I saw it as a new adventure, and mid October they chose to extend my contract to last all of 2018. This allowed me to finally find a new home and the possibility of getting my things out of storage.


I found a newly renovated apartment in centre of Holstebro and wasted no time getting settled. I know I promised to post picture, so here they are.


It has made a real difference that I now have a place to call my own – a base to relaxing in, to be creative in and to entertain my friends and family. I so look forward to the coming year and hopefully a steady flow of visitors – I have a few years of being a guest to repay many for. Like these amazing two people I know in Copenhagen, who once again went all out and opened their home to a most delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Just look at this mouthwatering turkey they had prepared.


Again this year I have had so much to be grateful for – mainly my fantastic friends. I hope you all know how much I appreciate your friendship – around the world, in Copenhagen and definitely the reception I have had returning to Holstebro after 10 years away. It has been great to reconnect and make new friendships.


I am also thankful that my sister has found herself a new home, and I was fortunate enough to be able to return the favor and help her move in. I know that she too will flourish with the stability and calm a permanent home provides.


Christmas was spent with our dad, and unfortunately he was hospitalized on the 26th. As mentioned earlier we have learned to coexist with the cancer, so he got help in time and am doing better. 2018 will soon see him home again and hopefully he will be able to enjoy the year to the fullest.


2018 will hopefully bring an exciting new permanent job, more time with my friends and family and then I still have to finish my Camino France, which I hope to do in Spring.

I wish you all a very happy New Year and thank you all for following my posts in 2017. Keep remembering the easy pleasures. There is often a sparkle even in our everyday <3





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