Food and why cooking means so much to me

Fordi det er tirsdag
Because it is Tuesday!

People, who know me, knows I love food. Well, really I love good, preferably organic food. I enjoy going to nice restaurants, where the kitchen uses local, seasonal produce and I tend to return to my favorites, because I dislike being dissapointed when it comes to food.

I cook at home almost every day. As a child I was taken care of by my grandmother very often. (Kindergarten was not really my thing.) My Grandmother Elly cooked a warm meal every day for her, my grandfather and I, and I helped. I grew up with not only a mother, but two grandmothers, who all cooked every day. Take-away was not an option, but on occation we would eat at restaurants, but 350-ish days a year we had a home-cooked meal. And it rubbed of, because I still enjoy cooking, and over the years I have become better at it.

Breakfast - rye pancakes
Breakfast – rye pancakes

I constantly learn more about produce, food and cooking. I hope I inspire others to cook and to chose organic produce, because I believe it is vital to our future, that we keep our produce as pure as can be. I guess I was lucky, growing up with home-cooked meals. At least it seems that way. That today a lot of people can’t cook or choose not to. For me take-away, factory-produced food is only a choice, if the is no other option. So what does it take to get more people cooking and buying quality, organic produce?

One of the options is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. Sign the petition by using this link:

I know my level of cooking has expanded over the years. I still don’t care that much about presentation. I look at the colours. I evaluate the carbohydrate level, compared to vitamins and protein on the plate and most importantly I cook what I like and have fun with it. Let’s just call my cooking rustic and filled with love.


As the photos show from the top – fresh white asparagus with cold-smoked salmon and a hollandaise cream. Rye pancakes for my breakfast this morning, and ending with the lasagne I cooked earlier this week. Food with love.

So get cooking and buy local, organic produce 🙂

2 thoughts on “Food and why cooking means so much to me

  1. Wow så heldig du var med så mange dygtige kokke omkring dig 🙂 Dejligt, når man har noget med sig i livet fra sin barndom, som man kan udvikle sig med.

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