First visit to Rome

Almost three years ago I was lucky enough to run into the lovely Maria Grazia at the bus station in Madrid on my way to Burgos. We spent the trip bonding, and she has been part of my Camino family since ❤️

I have made the trip to visit her in her hometown Rome. I have never been before, but am already amazed (and a little overwhelmed) img_0012-1.jpg

I had prebooked a three hour guided trip through the Vatican Museum, The Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Cathedral. In hinsight I should have skipped the tour, because I would have liked more time at the museum, but it just leaves a reason to retur, right?


Being herded through parts of the museum, seeing loads of sculptures and tapestries, I also managed to catch a beautiful view out the window – a beautiful Italian building in the Vatican garden.


I loved how the light played through the replica oculus.

The views just kept coming as we made our way to The Sistine Chapel, where it is prohibited to take photoes btw.


img_0023.jpgimg_0026.jpgimg_0023.jpgThe weather forecast had said rain and the heaven above Rome delivered, but I came well prepared in my raincoat.img_0045.jpg




After the overwhelming experience of the Vatican, I wandered through the many beautiful streets of Rome. I made it pass Castel Sant´Angelo and onto Piazza Navona, finding many beautiful sights along the way.


But you know me – I gravitate towards food, so I found a small place called Supplizio where I enjoyed a limonade and Crema Fritta. It is basically deep-fried custard, but it is totally yummy!


I got into The Pantheon, and as with the visit to The Sistine Chapel, I fail to understand people’s lack of respect for a church or tempel and their request for silence in a place of worship. Am I turning into a grumpy old lady?


The open real oculus

My gracious host Maria Grazia got of from work, and we met up at the Spanish Stairs before we enjoyed Bellinis and a snack – life is good.


Well, my lovelies – there is plenty more of Rome to explore. I hope to find time to blog more later or tomorrow with more adventures. But for now Buongiorno 🙂

2 thoughts on “First visit to Rome

  1. Kære Marianne ….hmm’ er lidt misundelig på dig – trods det knap så inspirerende vejr …men jeg har godt nok været i Italien flere gange ( Toscana , Firenze ) men aldrig ROM ….
    Men en hård vinter med sygdom og død i vores lille familie, gør vi alvor i at ta’ en “kæreste” tur til ROM i Juni ☀️😘👍🏻🥰. Ta’ endnu flere dejlige billeder, og må du ha’ en fantastisk tur også resten af vejen 👏🏻😘👍🏻 Knus Jenni

    1. Tusind tak Jenni, og I kan godt glæde jer – Rom er en skøn by! Men sørg for at finde de små rolige oaser til at balancere mod de mange turister, alle monumenter tiltrækker 😉 Kram Marianne

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