Farewell Cortes Island

I have decided to leave Blue Jay Lake Farm and Cortes Island. The farm and the experience has been great, but it is too remote for me right now. And I may be too comfortable for off-grid living to be honest. I like a flush toilet, electricity when I want it and wifi, so I can keep connected to my friends and family.

I spent my last weekend on the island exploring a bit. Fellow woofer Kristina and I went  to Manson’s Landing to enjoy the cove in the sun. It must be amazing in summer.

Lagune full of shell fish and oysters
It must be great to sail in these waters with the mountain view

I do not regret going to Blue Jay and Cortes. I have learnt so much during my three weeks there. Especially working with livestock has been interesting and giving. Milking is not really my thing, but I really enjoyed tending to the animals, so in future I would consider livestock for meat – but it would require a partner or good neighbor, because it is quite the responsibility every day. The goats had great fun the day Kristina and I cleaned up the yard – climbing all over to nibble on the cut-off branches. They sure must have steel stomachs.

The goat on the left is Joli – maybe I need to bling her out?

Knowing that the food we ate at the farm was 95% home grown and produced, made such a difference. You have to respect all the work that has gone into making that happen. Though I was only there short term, I like that I helped prepare for this year’s production.

Manson’s Landing with a backdrop of snowy mountains

Maybe I will revert to Cortes Island in summer – as a visitor to enjoy these nice beaches and amazing hikes the island offers. It definitely was a nice start on my adventure over here.

Cortes Island in a clam shell
Leaving Cortes Island

So today I took two ferries. First from Cortes Island to Quadra Island. I had secured a ride across Quadra before boarding. Hitchhiking is very common on Cortes and I got a ride with the habour master – a lovely and kind lady. We loaded my big bag onboard her car and I went to the lounge to enjoy the view on the crossing.

Different view than what I was used to from the Tunoe Ferry
I love to look at those snowy mountains

Before getting to Quadra I found my ride, and she took me across Quadra and on to the next ferry to Campbell River. It is a generous “system” and I like that you only pay to get on the islands – not to return to Vancouver Island. The view of the second ferry again made me think of the Tunoe Ferry – and how many times I enjoyed the view onboard.

Bye bye Quadra Island

Currently I am at the Java Shack in Campbell River, where I await the arrival of my ride to Victoria. I can recommend Poparide. It is the Canadian version of GoMore and my ride promised to drive me all the way to Gail’s house. Much better than taking the bus! Waiting here is no problem – good food and wifi:

BLT Sandwich and tomato/red pepper soup

My plan is to enjoy a few days with Gail and then look for another woofing/workaway place closer to Victoria. I look forward to sharing the next adventure with you all!

Towards new horisons

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