Facial care – without chemicals


6-7 years ago a good friend of mine asked me for help. Due to her medical situation she needed help in finding facial products that accounted for the dryness cause by her medication.

She suggested I made the products, and to be honest I thought, it was kinda crazy, cause what did I know about making facial creams?! She kept boosting my confidence and eventually I began to believe I could do it – so I did.

I made my first batch of facial cream – devoid of perfume, parabens and preservatives. I left out water too. My aim was initially to make products for my friend, but why shouldn’t the rest of us benefit as well, I thought.


So I make day and night creams primarily. I do make the occasional scrub – currently I am partial to salt and rosemary. And sometimes I dabble in hand lotions and facial toners as well, but only when I feel like it.

The important thing for me, is to make product you can rely on. Products that doesn’t contain chemicals and a lot of E-numbers. I produce for requests, so I don’t need to add preservatives, because my products does not sit and wait on a shelf to be purchased.


Kjaerligheden.com is about honest, handmade products that you can trust and depend upon.


Both day and night cream are 105kr each for 30 grams, which last about 2-3 months. Facial toner and scrubs are 50kr each.