Tomorrow will finish off my first week on Cortes Island at Blue Jay Lake Farm and it has gotten me thinking. As mentioned the farm is off-grid, which means electricity is to be used sparringly, the toilet facilities are made up by a compost toilet for number twos and a transformed bidet for number ones and cell phone connection is non-existing. But big, amazing views are however to be found everywhere, like the pictures below. The mountains in the background is the mainland – Vancouver Island.

View at Whaletown beach
Whaletown beach

The sun was out, I found edible seaweed and I enjoyed a small break right there in the sun. It is all bout enjoying the easy pleasures in life – my new motto.

Like I really enjoy the high quality of food we get at the farm. Fresh cows milk, homemade butter and yougurt, fresh and canned vegetables from the garden and meat and eggs from the farm animals. It makes you think about the effort put into making that food available – the manhours and the planning it took.

Hanging out on a log

It is my day off, so I have hiked to Squirrel Cove. I was told it was 12km, but according to my phone it is only half that. A nice little walk before enjoying a café latté and second breakfast.

Back at “the office” enjoying second breakfast

So back to my thoughts…the hike facilitated that. Having grown up in a small country like Denmark, I have sometimes forgotten to appreciate the basics that are provided – probably through taxes, bills and other form of payments, but nevertheless much needed. A simple thing like electricity at our fingertips at a decent rate. We do not struggle with powerouts, because most of our cables are below ground. This also ensures us internet and the ability to connect at all times.

After just one week up here, I have made one big discovery about myself…how important is it for me to be able to communicate with my friends and family. Just being able to chat means the world to me. So with that in mind, I think I can safely say that I will not be looking to live off-grid permanently.


Tried to get a 180 view of the beach

Yesterday the farm had a new calf. A sweet little thing we all rushed to meet. Tomorrow morning I will have my second barn duty and within too long, I will be expected to do the barn chores myself, which includes milking the cows and the goats. This is definitely a new world to me, but I hope the animals will trust me to do the job and stay calm while I learn. I seem to remember having heard that when milking, the farm girls often sang or hummed to keep the animals calm. Maybe I will try that trick and see if it works.

I have embarked on this adventure to learn. Not just skills and new trades, but also to learn about myself and what I want my future to look like. So far that is going according to my plan…I sure am getting my priorities straight.


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