My friend had Saturday off from work, and she decided to show me nearby Anzio. Just 50 min by train, and well worth the effort. First of all I really needed a break from all the turists in Rome. I’ve been to big cities before, but I have never before experienced such a surge of turists as Rome’s attractions can muster. Once again I think of how important peace and quiet is to me. It is truly something I value very highly – that and a nice view 🙂


I had already had a good share of sun the day before at Piazza de Popolo, so I got some sunscreen at Termini station, and this is me looking crazy, while putting it on on the train. Upon arrival in Anzio we went to a small place at the local piazza for an aperitivo (bitter) with snacks – the biggest snack tray I’ve ever seen!!


It literally felt like recharging our batteries sitting in the sun just chatting and enjoying life. It is just so very important for me to remember to enjoy these special moment life gives me – especially with all the lovely people I have met over the years on Camino Fances. Indeed it still provides <3

After that we went for lunch at a restaurant at the habour – Capo d’Anzio Trattoria.

The view from our table

We had some antipasto mainly of octopus – with both broccoli, polenta and lentils. The octopus was really well-cooked and tender.


We followed with pasta dishes – I can’t remember the name of Maria Grazia’s dish, but mine was spaghetti vongole. It was super fresh and with a hint of chili and parsley.


We then walked along the harbour and the beach, enjoying the amazing views. The weather was an amazing 22-23 degrees and sunny, so of course we had gelato and coffee. I could really get used to the Roman way of life. The sure know how to enjoy food and drink – some of my personal favorites already.


My trip has been such a whirlwind of amazing experiences, ancient history and being present here and now. This was my second trip this year visiting Camino friends, and I can’t wait to repay the favor, when they come to Denmark and I get to host them and show them around. Life (and the Camino) truly provides, so remember to take the opportunities life gives you <3

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