2016 retrospect

What a year it has been for me. I can’t believe I managed all that in just a year!

img_0879.jpegIn January I had the most amazing holiday in the US. I reconnected with an old school friend I had not seen in 20 years, and Nina welcomed me into her home, her family and showed me the best of San Francisco, Petaluma and Napa Valley during my stay there. After having seen The Golden Gate Bridge in movies so many times, it seemed almost unreal being right there next to it. It was a fantastic way to commence my adventures of 2017. Thank you, Nina, for your ever open personality!

img_0641.jpegI met up with Camino family and friends in Seattle. The Camino is some of the most rewarding experiences of my life due to the friendships I have gained there. Seattle grew on me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Scandinavian feel the city and the surrounding areas has. Thank you Gail, Derry & Jim for showing me around and taking time to see me.img_0683.jpeg

Patrick showed me the best of Austin. From live music to BBQ and cowboy boots. It was such a treat to spend time with more Camino family and do a hike near Lady Bird lake. Austin is so very different from the other places I visited, but so very vibrant and alive. Thank you, Patrick, for that rewarding experience.img_0738.jpeg

I got back to my dad’s beach house at Henne Strand and the search for a job began. Luckily my childhood friend, Nette has the touch when it comes to helping others, and she found me a job in Horsens, so in March I began working at Landmad. I love the concept behind Landmad – Danish, local produce for sale at city center combined with a café offering rustic, clean food. It was such an adventure taking part of opening the shop in Horsens. Thank you, Heidi, for giving me the opportunity and for respecting my need to move on. I wish the absolute best for your shops!img_1175.jpg

That period also marked my farewell to my precious dog, Elly. I knew I was moving to Copenhagen, and since Elly is a country dog, I took the difficult decision to let her go. It was such a hard thing to do, and thinking about it, still brings tears to my eyes. Elly is an amazing dog, and she deserves the best life possible, so being back on Tunoe is an infinite better solution than going to the big city with me. Elly is forever in my heart.

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April returned me to Copenhagen. Mette and Thomas kindly opened their home to me, and I returned to Nansensgade, where I years earlier owned my own apartment. It felt good to be back on familiar grounds, and once again Nette found me a job. I can only advice you all to get a “Nette”. My friend, Nette, is the most unselfish, giving and loving person I know, and I feel incredibly thankful to have her in my life. I love you, Nette, and am proud to call you my friend. Being back in Copenhagen also provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with many of my friends. I have had a great time this summer hanging out with you all and experiencing the city and what it had to offer.image

I started working at DARE2 in June. What a difference from all the previous jobs I’ve had. Entering into this creative, energetic and vibrant atmosphere full of entrepreneurs, go-getters and inspiring people gave me a real kick. Meeting these driven souls made me think about what I really want out of life. Thank you, Laila & Kris for giving me a chance and supporting my dream chase. I will keep following your endeavours. You never know if our paths may cross again. A big thanks to all the lovely people, I got to meet while at DARE2. I’m sure I have made lasting friendships, and you all have my full support in achieving your dreams.img_2685

In October I said goodbye to DARE2 and went of to Spain to walk more of the Camino Frances. I took up where I left of in Burgos, but already in Madrid I met my first new Camino buddy – Maria Grazia. The Camino surely provides. It was physically hard, since I had not had time to train before going, but a new back pack with more focused content made for a much easier time. The Meseta was like being home in flat Denmark, but the views breathtaking and once again I was met by loving, positive and happy people. Maria Grazia and Gary became my new Camino family. Thank you to both of you. I look forward to meeting up with you again in future. But also big thanks to all the other amazing people, who crossed my way – I’m struggling if I should mention your names, since I’m scared of forgetting anyone. In case you feel left out, please put it down to my forgetful memory and not my appreciative heart. Thank you, Juan, Stuart, Martina, Paul, Bernice, Lukas, Pablo, Magdalena, Jenna, Kyra and Boromir. Even though I got of the Camino in León, I followed you online walking into Santiago, and I am proud to have walked with everyone of you.img_6228

I’ve spent the rest of the year figuring out a plan for 2017 and making the required changes. I hope to soon be able to share the plans with you, but in order not to jinx it, I will hold off until the details are settled. But be certain it will put me on the path towards my dream. I will no longer just react to what life throws at me. I will go out and attempt to make my dreams come true.img_3105

2016 has given me so much. My word for this year is without a doubt friendship – old and new. Thank you, Katja, Ole, Yana, Mette, Thomas, Lykke, Gitte, Keld, Iben, Nette, Kirstine, Susanne, Pernille, Henrik, Vivi, Kristian and everyone I may right now have forgotten, but am thankful for non the less. As the sun sets on 2016, allow me to leave you with this:

My friends mean everything to me, and no matter where in the world I end up, I hope you will all keep in touch.image

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